Egg Nutrition Facts: Should You Really Eat the Whole Egg?

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  1. I continue hearing more and more Good things about Bitter Apricot kernels the more research I do, I just recently learned
    Apricot kernels contain vitamin B15 "Vitamin B15 helps in the formation of specific amino acids such as methionine. It also plays a role in the oxidation of glucose in cellular respiration and like vitamin E – it acts as an antioxidant helping to strengthen the cell. This wonderful vitamin even helps the liver detoxify the body."
    They are non-toxic all regular cells are 100% protected they convert the cyanide and benzaldehyde molecules to a harmless substance called thiocyanate. Some days I consume up to 20 apples if they are small in a smoothie or two Seeds included, if what some say were true I should not be standing. I did not build up a tolerance, the second time I consumed apricot kernels I ate 25, all-in-one mouthful no ill effects Whatsoever made my mouth numb though. Since I started consuming B-17 my health has been improving.
    : )Tyler
    Something I forgot to mention cancer cells have what's called beta glucosidase which leaves them unprotected to the cyanide and benzaldehyde molecules within the bitter apricot kernels appleseeds excetera. This is how it is able to Eradicate cancer from the body leaving zero scar tissue. Also keeps you from getting cancer, B-17 much like vitamin C keeps you from getting scurvy, when consumed in moderate amounts on a regular basis. To me it is Extremely Clear that consuming apricot kernels or B-17 Amygdalin from any source in large quantities is the Cure for cancer and in daily doses, like the old saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away, the Prevention.
    I am a Firm believer that when a person has cancer in order to Cure Correct the disease (Dis-ease) a person must consume a B-17 Amygdalin rich source such as Bitter Apricot kernels in their Whole form for maximum effectiveness, in quite large quantities along with bromelain pineapple enzyme to Aid the absorption. I do not believe the substance/derivative Laetrile is as effective Especially when administered intravenously/intramuscularly, in Most cases my opinion. Iodine also plays a Very Important Powerful role in my opinion.

    Be sure to check out my playlist titled (IMPORTANT!!!) all Capitals, you Will See where I'm coming from. Though that is just the tip of the iceberg many more videos I consider to be of Great importance Within my multiple other playlists if interested.

  2. For all those that say eggs are bad for you research Emma Morano. She died disease free at age 117 and ate 3 eggs a day for almost 100 years! 😂

  3. Since I added eggs to my protein drinks, I wake up in the morning with more erections just like when I was young and now I am 58. :)) Sex seems to be more frequent too :))

  4. Gram for gram compared to broccoli, broccoli has more beneficial nutrients… minus the excess protein and cholesterol. Yes if you eat a regular amount of veg(only) you will get all the protein you need. Keep on studying and try to prove your theories wrong until they are unbridled like I’m trying

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