Eating Bojangles Ham & Steak Biscuits @hodgetwins

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  1. The twins don't like when people watch them eat , so they make sure to drive where nobody is watching. 🤣😁

  2. Normal person: can i get a kni_

    Kieth: CaN i GeT a PlAsTiC cUtTiNg UtEnSiL

  3. the grandma car has me dying.hey honey just picked up the food boom.

  4. “Don’t want anyone watching me eating” while Making an eating video for us to watch 😂

  5. Bojangles does have sum good biscuits but Hardees biscuits are the truth fr

  6. I like when he said dam Bojangles then took a bite and plus they both sound cool as hell when they say Bojangles.

  7. Hodgetwins Love all Eat r rooting show. Love when all bee cut

  8. Watching their food diet, while drinking the shit out of soda, diet or not…lol sugar's sugar dumbasses…

  9. My Husband likes Regular sodas not Diet sodas example: Coke not Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper not Diet Dr. Pepper and Mt. Dew not Diet Mt. Dew. We suffer we don't get to eat or drink please don't dehydrate my husband – twin brother – Nerseh Mellissa Kindermah President of United States of America @KindermahNM @hodgetwins #TwinMuscles

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