Dr. Shawn Arent: Physique vs Sports Nutrition

Shawn M. Arent, PhD, CSCS*D, FACSM is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Exercise Science and Sport Studies at Rutgers University.

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  1. Great talk where commonsense and good science prevails over junk science.

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  3. It's awesome, listening to dr Shawn 🙂 after few years I realize that I ruined my pole vault carrier because of being too concerned about how I look and what and how much I eat. I wish I had my actual knowledge few years ago… And that is really awesome what you are doing for this fitness/sport society! Keep doing it! Thanks for all your podcasts!

  4. Many young people want to do the exercises to get the perfect body! Bodybuilding is a form of exercise that aims to build muscle to tight. When doing bodybuilding, there are many foods that need to be consumed during the exercise schedule.
    The foods listed should be rich in protein and nutrients that help to increase energy. However, bodybuilders should be careful to consume certain types of foods, because everything that is too much is also not good for the body. Bodybuilders who do not eat healthy foods will be vulnerable to a number of airborne diseases, because the immune system becomes low. Just concentrating on intensive physical exercise alone will not be enough, bodybuilders also need a healthy diet.

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  7. Dr. Arent is a very good speaker and is interesting, but also has great ideas. I like him fighting back a bit on the high carb and gluten paranoia but I'm a plant-based whole food guy. I don't care too much about massive bulking and competitive bodybuilding, but it's good to hear about his work with sports such as soccer, of which I have played in the past recreationally.

  8. Excellent. Can't agree more with the influence of social media and diet trends.

  9. Great info!! Thank you for sharing. Found you through podcast searching topics 🙂

  10. Some good points raised here! I think a big misconception about keto diets is that you'll get a performance BENEFIT. You wont, but I think you can MAINTAIN the SAME performance without the effects of chronic blood sugar fluctuations. Get Jeff Volek, Dom D'Agostino or Jacob Wilson up in here!

  11. Shawn: Lighter weights can be used for cases where heavy weights trigger pain due to an injury or in the case of isolation scenarios, ie., biceps with 85% of my RM causes joint pain. I much rather pump with bicep curls in the 15-20 rep range and save the heavy work for the compound exercises, which are better designed to tolerate higher intensities. So the applicability of Schoenfeld's and other work shows that "pump and fluff" work has it's legitimate uses.

  12. Great interview. I really like Dr. Arent and the way he presents his information. Thanks Juma!

  13. Hey Juma, do you have a link to the Lewis Berk keto study that you mentioned? Thanks.

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