Dr. Sarah Hallberg on causes and fixes for muscle cramps on a ketogenic diet

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  1. I take Magnesium oxide (2,000 mg) daily, for “regularity”. I’ve arrived at this dosage by trial and error. Any less and I can’t “go”. Any more and I’m too loosey goosey.

    Last night I woke up with HORRIBLE calf and foot cramps.

    First thing I did this morning is eat some cream of tarter. Much better.

  2. I'm here because my muscles pains every night, a random pain last night in my shoulde. It's hard to breath. Can't move because the more pain I reveived. 🙁

  3. What about twitching ?? I don’t get cramps but my legs are constantly twitching , mainly in my calves . I take a good amount of magnesium a day and never had this off keto . Potassium maybe ??

  4. I'm only 28 & had never had muscle cramps in my life..I've experienced Charlie horses in feet when not adequately resting or staying hydrated but I've always known why.

    I've been taking vitamins especially magnesium because I take Adderall and was just wondering the other day if a body can get addicted to vitamins..(because I'm outta magnesium)

    You know, like forget how to compensate without them.

    Then that night in the middle of a dead sleep I woke up screaming in anguish because my calf muscle was Charlie horsing…bad. I could see it moving. It was terrible.

    I'm not on a keto diet..but am I making this worse for myself in the future by taking magnesium everyday?

  5. Carbs hold on to water, the moment you cut the carbs you urinate more causing an imbalance in salt and minerals, results cramps muscle pain

  6. I take a gram of mixed magnesium a day………… is that enough?…….. these cramps are driving me insane, I'm losing sleep… only happens when I'm asleep or half asleep in bed, and it only happens to the same muscles, either my left calf or, the muscles just to the left of my left shin bone near my ankle, super strong cramp/contractions, feels like the muscle will rip the tendon off the bone.

  7. The ketogenic lifestyle is insufficient in many minerals so it is just natural to get charlie horses. Go vegan and eat plenty of fruits, whole grains, legumes and vegetables if you want these to stop.

  8. Thank you! I have the worst cramps around my ribs and in my legs. Definitely not getting enough sodium. Appreciate this video. Especially appreciate how concise it is. Keep it up!

  9. "Muscle cramps are common in liver disease, especially in patients with cirrhosis, among whom the prevalence ranges from 22% to 88% based on varying definitions of cramps. … Nerve dysfunction in cirrhosis may be due to structural alterations and oxidative stress leading to increased excitability of motor neurons."=======liver damage=muscle cramps.

  10. I aleady suppliment with Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium tablet, lots of water, add trace minerals to water periodically (Endure) and eat salt every day . I am still getting severe and very painful cramps in my thighs and calves and feet. What else to do?

  11. I have been on a Ketogenic diet for two months and have been struggling with leg cramps at night. I have been taking 400 mg Magnesium (lysinate glycinate chelate) in the evening before bed. Also, have been adding electrolytes to my water (Endure). I am also using Nu-salt to add more potassium. Still, the cramping persists. Can you give me some advice? What am I missing?

  12. This (and this series of answering questions) is so very helpful. Each video is short and easy to access!! Brilliant! By the way, over the past 2 years of doing keto I have done quite a bit of research and it is wonderful to see the people I had picked out as legitimate "experts", (love Dr. Phinney's very informative talks) knowledgeable, supported by scientific rigour as well as acknowledging qualitative data and personal narrative, right here, in one place – on Virta Health. Thank you. This is a ray of light – rational, sound advice.

  13. I was getting sudden random strong cramps in legs, thighs and constant fasciculations in the abdomen for weeks – classic signs of ALS / MND I then got some Mg tablets in various forms, after 5 days these symptoms gone – have never returned. Caused by dehyrdation, loss of salts – if you do Keto in the tropics remember you salt loss much more.

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