my diet plan and my workout program from here: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!!!! -serious mass before and after -ectomorph before and after.

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  1. so cool how when he first got the Serious Mass he had to use knife and then by time his 2/3 opening he had strength to just rip that badboy open!

  2. GNC used to sell some 2200 calorie gainer. it's the only one that ever worked for me. with food, obviously. but i didn't need to gorge myself on food. the gainers now are low calorie garbage that cost an outrageous amount. drink a gallon of milk every day, with food and at least 4 -5 , 8 ounce glasses of water to help everything pass. that's my advice. your weight gainer pusher today is a scumbag selling you low calorie garbage. all of them.

  3. If you read my comment homie I want you to do two things. 1. Ignore every piece of trash on here that has forgotten how to treat other human beings respectfully. 2. Shut every single person down by achieving the body goal you have set in mind.

    Best of luck my dude, keep grinding

  4. One more thing when you stop training hardly u have to work harder to get ur shape one month if u stop working will be bad for you

  5. Dude i never taked protein i dont even know his color or taste but no ofense i look better than you even when you took protein and i didnt go to a gym i went to hard work but in the same time every night when i came home i made 100 pushups
    And 2 sets of abs diferent positions 200/250
    And in my free time i train all day even if i have to go to work the next day
    In a free day i make around 1400/1600 pushups
    And many exercises that are more solid and dont give up my friend the protein makes the muscle extend faster but when u dont use it the muscle will be hard as a rock

  6. this is what we call as PURE video and PURE progession, cause you tell us you use the nutrition powder. that is fact all body builder using that, they just not tell us in the video, but you. you are honest person, thanks dude for your sharing. im also body builder, exactly im chalistenic way, never go gym. but my journey same like you, i gave up then i realize i need more callories and surpluss protein. so i deciden to workout harder than before. now i enjoy my look then got my crush girl, hehe

  7. Idk what people mean by “I didn’t see a difference “ . Those gains were real solid , especially for someone who’s struggled to put on weight . Just don’t forget to put nutrition and training hard above supplementation

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