Dairy Nutrition FAQ – Flavored Milk

Flavored milk tastes great and contains the same 9 essential nutrients as white milk. Registered dietitian and mom Stephanie Cundith explains how flavored milk stacks up nutritionally compared to other beverages.

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  1. Adult: "Kids, why do you like drinking chocolate milk?":
    Boy: "I like it because YOU always say it fills me up for school."
    Girl: "I like it because my MOM told me it helps me build strong bones."

    Even in an advert sponsored by the dairy industry their reasoning behind why we should consume it is just "Well… I was TOLD it's healthy, must be true!"

  2. I love how you compared chocolate milk to sports drinks and cola, as if they're comparable. You should compare it to white milk. This video was poorly made in so many regards as well. I love how the dietitian walks out of frame while she's talking here 0:19. And I love how everybody says the lines here with such lack of feeling. And, I love how Midwest Dairy is funded by a company that is funded by the farmers that make dairy milk, so this is in the interest of selling more milk and not being informative.

  3. you guys are only talking about the added sugar, chocolate milk has more than 3 teaspoons of sugar altogether because of the natural sugar. Neither white milk or chocolate milk provide enough calcium to actually make a difference in children's bones, and chocolate milk costs more than white milk in a carton or bottle. the person was talking about a GLASS.

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