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Welcome back to Ask GCN, where we answer your questions about all things cycling! In this week’s special edition of Ask GCN, Emma takes your nutrition questions to Professor Asker Jeukendrup.

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Ever wondered if your daily coffee actually enhances your performance on the bike? Or what is the best breakfast before an endurance ride? This week’s Ask GCN has you covered. Emma met up with Professor Asker Jeukendrup to answer all your nutrition-related questions.

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  1. What ratio should my macros be? I’ve been doing 60/20/20 but I’ve got a plateau at 13st 9. I’m considering 40/30/30, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  2. I've been benefiting for years from the fact that most people don't know what a "good" banana is. I used to try to tell them but then decided it was not worthwhile. I can often find spotted bananas at the grocery store bundled and sold at a discount. I pack them for freezing and then use them each day in my smoothies.

  3. fastest is preferred for "overweight" like myself — it's very low performance — and focuses on weight management. For years I struggled and realized the nutrition rules for pros, who are lean high-0metabolizers, don' t apply to me.

  4. Dear GCN, as a freelance cameraman working in the broadcast industry, I would never set up a seating position relative to the camera like this one. Emma's a fine interviewer but it looks so unnatural for her to have to keep twisting her head to the side (and away from her subject). Initially it's distracting and awkward, but as time goes on, like a repetitive strain kind of thing, it becomes very jarring to the viewer.

    I actually felt sorry for her in the end that she had to keep looking back 'at us', to 'keep us involved'. It looks entirely silly and doesn't work.

    If a second camera and live mixing/editing is possible, then balancing diagonal shots like this will give this 'keeping us involved' feel, without the awkwardness and neck strain, or else just the usual simple one camera head-on shot. With respects, either would be far better than this setup. Thank you otherwise for a beautifully lit and very informative video. More of this man please as not all the questions were answered, and this man is excellent.

  5. Very informative and helpful. Only problem is I end up on the sofa watching GCN instead of in the saddle watching my cadance!😜 Thanks professor and Emma.

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