Clean Fast Food: Panda Express & Panera Bread w/ Brandon Hendrickson

In this video, Beast athlete Brandon Hendrickson takes us through the drive thru at Panda Express and Panera Bread to show us how you can eat out and still …

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  1. These places are not “clean”. Filled with processed sugars, soy, unhealthy fat, sodium, GMO & bad oils.

  2. Sorry bro, but there isn’t nothing clean about Panda Express. Not even the bathrooms are clean. You got about 2 days worth of sodium in one meal.

  3. Oriental people must love their sodium!  I like Panda and all Chinese food but they could cut the sodium in half and it would still be just as good.

  4. Panda Express is not healthy! But, it tastes great! I love it! Panera is okay. A little over prized. Great lemonades though!

  5. What about your protein? You know protein…do you know any pro teens? I’m typing this using protein.

  6. Panda Express was KEY when I was trying to get bigger. Definitely recommended if you need something to eat after the gym but don’t have the energy to cook or have anything already prepared.

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