Check out my routine for Training & nutrition in This Vlog episode! stay till the end to see one of my go – to meals when it comes to building muscle and making …

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  1. U inspire me to exercise at first I couldn’t do any pushups and within a month I can do 50. It took a lot of work but I can’t wait to get stronger and stronger and be able to do more exercise

  2. these videos are amazing. it's so inspiring and really keeps me going as I'm trying to recover from years of eating disorders. thank you so much for existing and making this kind of content ❤️

  3. When you prep a meal never ever put fish and chicken on the same cutting board m8! Cross contamination is a b**ch. You’re vlogs are awesome got me inspired to train again!

  4. Got me considering this 🤔 37 yo male 6ft 175 but with about 18% body fat. Wonder how long it would take to cut down to single digit body fat and stay around 175? With the proper diet, of course?

  5. Just found your videos… Amazing stuff! Im working out in the gym and im doing for warm up with 3 cycles of your stuff(pump man) i m trying to eat as health as i can…. Im taking a protein whey powder…. My question is as i dont like much chemistry in diet i wonder what can i eat (pure source) of bcaa instead of powder? Thnx keep the good work

  6. I am truly inspired. I'm 61 and I plan on setting up an outside gym in my back yard. I have 4×4 post and 1 1/4 steel pipe . Your gym has various bar heights and pipe diameters do you have plans for a home gym? or some advise for me? Thank you!! great stuff man!

  7. Tilapia is nasty its a farmed fish which is gross
    And they literally feed tilapia chicken shit for food how disgusting
    Research it.
    Other than that love this channel chris is awesome

  8. That's some terrible cooking.

    The work out was fantastic though. You have got me going. Watching your videos on a regular basis now.

  9. Just got reminded for nutrition at lunch today (vegetarian here), had stir-fried scrambled eggs, tomatoes cooked in sauce + rice, more eggs, lil less rice for the protein?
    (I dunno, getting enough protein is actually a big challenge for me)

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