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Celery Benefits: These are *All the Real Proven Benefits of Celery You Actually Need to Know Right Now Today… 1. 0:14 Celery Nutrition: Eating healthier isn’t …

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  1. Was eating my raw celery while watching this. The latest bunch I bought is the sweetest I've ever tasted. I didn't know it could sometimes be sweet and I'm eating with just a bit of salt…not too much.

  2. Thank you very much for this information. I love celery and is generally used for soups, chicken curries, and short eats. Your description of celery is very valuable.

  3. Greens are truly a gift from God…Eat them, they really do have amazing benefits.

    Gen 1:30
    and to everything moving on the earth in which there is life, I have given all green vegetation for food.
    There is a reason why the scriptures specifically mentioned green vegetation. It's what nourishes the flesh and keeps us healthy….Eat to your hearts content and enjoy.

  4. Thank-you very informative, celery is one of my favorite foods, it is very satisfying. Yes one of nature's medicines as I notice I crave it when I have inflammation ie. a sinus infection.

  5. Great video thank you i have bell palsy on my right side of my face i just eat a celery like 5 min ago my first one ever…i never try'ed it in my life before and i also didn't use like a saws or something just took it and eat it even with the leafs is it fine like that if u eat it like that? it didn't taste that good but when i was done well now that taste in my mouth is kind of nice!.. any ideas to help me here a bid and do you think it will repair my face? i have bell palsy for 8 months now

  6. you are essentially writing something much slower than I can actually read it. You waste my time and increase my frustration level at the same time.. You waste bits and bandwidth on the internet.. All of the information shown could be put in an ascii text message of less than a kilobyte, and you have magnified this to multiple megabytes.

  7. another very good application is to eat a stick of celery after every meal. The pure, alkaline water washes away the acid that causes tooth decay as the fiber acts as a brush while you chew. It only took me a day to get used to eating raw, organic celery after every meal, and now… I look forward to it and really dislike when I forget to buy celery/bring it with me.

  8. Hi. I had kidney stones and due to that I had a high blood pressure and terrible pain of kidney. And digestive problems.. I have started taking celery juice like smoothie and I am feeling Good in just 3 days. Every day morning I take. Thanks

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