CarBS – Little Caesars Soft Pretzel Crust Pizza

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  1. I tried it and really didn't like it. Too much cheese or something. I think I would have liked it more if it had a reg. pizza sauce instead of the cheese sauce. Would much rather have the $5 pepperoni, reg. crust

  2. i was actually disappointed by this when i ate it. i dont know if its because of the one i got, but man there was just nothin but cheese on it hardly anything else worth tasting. :/

  3. That pizza leaves a nasty smell in your car. It smells like puke the next morning. But it tastes good. Haha

  4. You should review Tic Tac Strawberry fields, and do the 2 different colors together. Reminds me of strawberries and cream….very good mint. lol

  5. I read a comment about if you throw it away or not, I'd say you could hand it out to homeless (It's legal in Mexico) but It might be counter-productive

  6. Decent pizza. Sauce is pretty gooey, but the crust does have that pretzel vibe. It's worth trying at least once before you die.

    But if you buy a pretzel crust pizza, get it earlier on in the day!

  7. i became addicted to this pizza. i have eaten it for lunch 5 days in a row, i have a problem and im ready to admit it. Please someone help, take this pizza away from me!

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