CarBS – Little Caesars Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep Dish Pizza

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  1. The first 3 pieces were like a God send, but it tasted so friggin good I ate too much and ended up feeling disgusting. No surprise there,…I mean it's straight bacon, cheese, and pepperoni and tons of it. There's like 1/2 a pig on each pizza.

  2. the guy on the left looks exceptionally unhealthy, like brink of death bad. He should correct himself as he is moving at the speed of ugly.

  3. why the fuck am I watching this at 4am starving and still clicking for more, cuz u guys have great content

  4. I work at Little Caesars and let me tell you, those things are a bitch to make! Every time someone ordered one we died a little bit inside.

  5. You are hurting me with this one, I am overseas here in Japan and they dont even have anything close to that

  6. Smoked applewood bacon on the outside… Regular bacon bits on the inside on the deep dish… Pain to make in a rush but sells like hit cakes on a friday night

  7. On KBDProduction's scale, between Not recommend, Indifferent, Recommend, & Go Out and Get it Now, I'm going to have to go with Indifferent, or a 2 out of 4, because this pizza is no different from a regular pizza – just has bacon on the edges. Nothing really special about it IMO. Sorry.

  8. @WrecklessEating watch this video with the caption enabled it's fucking hilarious "it is stoned and good" (it is so damn good) LMFAO

  9. Story time.

    I had gotten this with my Dad, and we thought this had tasted good.

    Then it made me puke. For three days.

    Never going back to Little Caesars.

  10. It tastes way better than the bacon-stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut. And it tastes like Mr. Gatti's pizza a little bit. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. ok little ceasars is right down the road and I didnt know that bacon bits were on there too i though it was just the crust

  12. I once went to pizza hut and that tasted awful. This fast food chain doesn't exist in my country but it can't taste a whole lota different.

  13. I feel like this pizza is way overrated. Its good, but its not the best thing to exist. Pretzel Crust was way better. I personally wouldn't buy it again.

  14. That looks absolutely yummy. I envy you!!! Good to see Chris in the video with you. Bring him more!

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