CarBS – Buffalo Wild Wings Classic Margarita

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  1. I run into this too. BWW needs a reality check. I am from MN and so is BWW, but I can't lie, their service sucks

  2. I fucking hate bww, there service is absolute shit not to mention the terrible food

  3. as someone who works at bww that sounds like they were getting to go orders like crazy and they probably only had 1-2 cooks back there if 2 called off. kinda being harsh

  4. I don't like that either. That's like that time when I went to Starbucks and ordered one of their new flavors and they told me they didn't know how to make it. How do you work there and don't no how to make it?. Nobody in there knew how to make it. Ridiculous.

  5. BWW has a horrible business model, all of them have the same service… shitty.

  6. Sounded rather bias to me because you wouldn't stop saying things about wing stop but that's my opinion. I love the channel though, keep it up.

  7. That's funny because the people that work at wingstop in chicago are rude as shit and bww are really nice, a bit slow and awkward but they're way better.

  8. the ghost pepper sauce isn't even enjoyable really.  I had them boneless and it didn't really taste great except for the chicken itself.

    It just a slow delay burned and wasnt as hot as the Blazin sauce.

  9. Matt, I work as a kitchen manager at a Beef 'o' Bradys sports bar that kicks the shit out of BWW. We have a ghost pepper sauce that I could send you to review if you want.

  10. i work for bww, a lot of us ran out of the ghost pepper sauce because of how popular it's been. if you would have took the trip a day or two after the sauce came out, you would have gotten it. each chain only gets a limited supply of the sauce and it takes awhile to get more in when in high demand. we shake our wings in the sauces, we don't "dip" them in the sauce. if you want a lot of sauce on your wings, ask for them to be wet. also, the classic margarita wings are supposed to have bits of salt on them and lime squeezed over the sauce, which i don't think they put on there for you, so i don't think you got the full flavor…

  11. Btw nothing pisses me off more than ordering hot wings at a restaraunt and getting wings drenched in franks red hot. Like franks but not covering my wings.

  12. My life may change based on this video. Wings are my death row last meal. Love a good wing. There is a bw3s near me. It is my normal wing stop, no pun intended. However, there is now a wing stop near me. I've hesitated to pull the trigger bc I love parmesan garlic and hot flavors from bw3s. I will try it out. Any favorite flavors?

  13. man you got a bad buffalo wild wings there. the one local to me is on point. actually its the opposite here the wingzone near me does what you're describing lol

  14. Tuesday at two O'Clock is alliteration not rhyming.  Love the videos anyway!!!

  15. I have 4 B-Dubs within 30 mins of my house. I traveled 3 hours(closest one) to get some wingstop once after one of your reviews. Oh yeah…good stuff

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