Can I Eat Hummus on a Ketogenic Diet?

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  1. it is very important to know that industrial hummus usually contain a lot of margarine, and is very unhealthy. It is much better to use water canned or fresh chickpeas, or buy hummus from a place that makes it fresh

  2. Doctor Berg, not only did o loose weight but i have learned and understood more about so many things about nutrition and it also helped me understand my subjects at school. THANK YOU DOCTROR BERG!

  3. Carb is carb. Doesn’t matter how slow our body digests it. If the amount is too high, you will get kicked out of ketosis.

  4. Dr. Berg:
    On the ketogenic diet, you should keep carbs at 20g max, try to get it lower.

    Also Dr. Berg:
    Eat chickpea..

    100g of chickpea has over 50g net carbs. That's why I stopped watching Dr. Berg's videos.

  5. Everywhere I read they said hummus was a no on the keto thank you Dr. Berg. Plus I make it at home so I know for sure there's no preservatives.

  6. I make my own. I also use the keto chips with it. I will start eating it again. Those carbs just scare the poop outta me. (Literally 😁)
    I have a friend who sells his on the market. He adds a can of white chicken (or your own shredded chicken ) fresh crumbled blue cheese, and ranch in the center, then drizzled with hot sauce. Hot Buffalo chicken humus. Delicious

  7. My wife makes a magnificent hummus at home – but she uses lime instead of lemon. Tastes better than anything we've bought.

  8. Thank goodness. One of the main barriers to entry I've had in deciding to begin keto is that I'm pretty much "from my cold dead hands" about chickpeas. I can give up grains and sugar, even most fruit, without much problem but giving up chickpeas was one deprivation too far.

  9. I was so happy to find this clip. I have been eating plain cheese omelets with three eggs, but today I topped my omelet with pesto and hummus. It became so much more wholesome!

  10. Yaaaaasss I loooove chickpeas!!!! I really dont like selery too.much but i can really dig hummus!!! Yaaaasss i was worried i couldn't have them cause of carbs…now i am super happy…i grind them up myself

  11. …Hmmm?…I just finished eating a meal of hummus,with olives and olive oil…It was veey delicious and this lecture made me feel good about eating it!…

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