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Is there a link between the clutter in my life/home and my struggles with excess weight? 

Simplification and organization expert Peter Walsh thinks so.

This is the topic of his book, Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? (affiliate link) and followup: Lose the Clutter Lose the Weight (affiliate link).

He makes a strong case for the link between excess stuff and excess body weight: “As a society we keep getting fatter and fatter and our stuff keeps getting bigger and bigger from the size of our burgers and fries to the size of our houses and cars. We keep filling ourselves up inside and out with more and more stuff.”

We are a land of over-consumers and super-sizers. How can this not contribute to our weight woes?

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How Clearing Clutter Can Help Us Lose Weight

It makes sense, too much stuff weighs us down literally and figuratively. We spend so much time and energy shopping for, caring for and eventually disposing of all our excess stuff, we have little time left for the people, things and activities we claim are important, like eating well and exercising.

Peter believes that diets tend to focus on what we eat but that is only part of the story. We need to explore the the how, where and why we eat. If the kitchen counters are loaded with stuff, the sink full of dirty dishes, and dining table piled with papers, it’s just too hard to make a healthy meal. So, we opt for fast food or take-out instead, knowing full well that it’s fattening and unhealthy!

We can’t make our best choices, our healthiest choices, our most life-affirming choices in a cluttered, messy, disorganized house. 

By dealing with the clutter at home, especially in the kitchen and pantry, we can lay the foundation for a system that will help support our weight loss efforts, not undermine them.

Professional Organizer Peter Walsh on The Link Between Clutter & Weight Gain

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I think it all boils down to the stress caused by clutter and feeling out of control. The negative effects of stress including weight gain have been firmly established. 

“People with messy kitchens or cluttered desks at work snack 44% more than if their kitchen or desk is clear”Mindless Eating. 

Is it any coincidence that I feel lighter each time I drop off a load of household stuff at Good Will or clean out a closet? I don’t think so. Have you ever experienced that sensation? Our outside and inside worlds are reflections of each other. It seems impossible to lead a healthy, organized life as a slender person in a clutter filled chaotic home. It’s inconsistent; it won’t work. Because what you weigh isn’t just about calorie counting or doing stomach crunches. What you weigh is about how you live.

Simple & Delicious Cooking Demonstrations

Cookbooks Colander (affiliate link) of fruit Pampered Chef Covered Casserole on Kitchen Counter

So if you want to lose weight, maybe its time to look around your kitchen, pantry, refrigerator and other areas of your home to see what is ‘weighing you down’ and preventing you from eating well and exercising.

When I clear the junk from my pantry — the chips and cookies — and stock the fridge with veggies and fruit, I’m taking a step toward un-cluttering my life and am setting myself up for healthy choices.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight and have had no luck, your environment may be sabotaging your efforts.

In this video Elizabeth, who has lost 50 pounds is getting rid of the excess stuff in her life to support her weight loss journey:

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Right now as I look around my kitchen it’s obvious — there’s too much stuff — on the counters, in the sink, in the cupboards, fridge, and pantry. It’s time, once again, to clear away the clutter, to create the time and space for what I truly want — a healthy slender body, simple healthy meals, and meaningful moments with family and friends.

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