Calorie Detective: The Real Math Behind Food Labels | Op-Docs | The New York Times

With the help of a science lab, the filmmaker Casey Neistat finds that calorie listings on food labels can be highly inaccurate. Read the story here: …

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  1. any regular generic sandwich bread 1.5cm thick is 240 calories for two slices of the bread alone.. check the label on sliced bread and common sensically you'll know the sandwich label cannot be right. So are sushi. 100 calories for a 6 pack, some with salmon? There's more than 100 calories in the rice alone WITHOUT sushi seasoning. Check instant microwave rice packs.

  2. Isn’t that measuring also the fiber content that otherwise passes through your system which your body doesn’t use its caloric content?

  3. idk if its just my ED but i never trust them anyway. i mean, if someone is making you a sandwich with peanut light mayo, and light mayo is 15cal a teaspoon, do you really expect them to measure it in teaspoons? come on. if i ever have to eat out i always take the calories they give and add 200 calories just in case.

  4. That tofu sandwich is still miles better than a big mac in the ingredients themselves. That yogurt muffin though, I suspect that the probiotics from the yogurt have been baked to death, therefore it's no different than a regular muffin.
    You're still equating calories to other calories without looking at what the ingredients (specifically the nutrients) provide and how they're digested. Just because a salad equals eating a small piece of candy in calories doesn't mean you should eat the candy and expect it to be as healthy as eating a salad.
    Regardless I'm glad you brought up this issue and that they really should start enforcing regulation on authenticating calorie counts in foods but I also hope there's more education (as well as making it more accessible) to promote healthier alternatives but without gimmicks to trick people that something is healthy (like claiming fruit juice is healthy because it has 1% real fruit juice with the other 99% being artificial with sugar and dyes)

  5. Im so confused.
    He compares the extra calories to a big mac and such.
    But he didn't test a big mac. What if the calories they declare is also inaccurate?

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