California Pizza Kitchen Pizza Appetizer Video Review: Freezerburns (Ep484)

Like the Digiorno offerings, this California Pizza Kitchen Pizza Appetizer combines a pizza with a side dish. In this case a spinach …

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  1. So I have to ask, Have you ever been to a California Pizza Kitchen restaurant and if so do you think there's any difference taste wise between CPK restaurant pizza and the kind you get in the freezer aisle (I imagine the kind in the restaurant is better, it almost always is)?

  2. Who cares if you have 7 pieces of pepperoni, 5 sausages, and 4 ham…if you get the things it says in the box then it's ok….Greg the frozen food master my ass

  3. When you get a HUGE meal like this one, does your family help you eat it, do you throw away what's left, or what?
    Also, CPK is good..they haven't let me down yet 🙂

  4. For people like me that love a nice thick doughy crust, will hate this brand. It's very thin. I got them once when I had a good coupon, and would have to have another really good deal to tolerate it not being my favorite type of pizza.

  5. Greg, I want you to review The New Digornio's Cheese stuffed crust Personal Pizza. I will tell you one thing, I had it once and the cheese was Plain String Cheese and The Cheese Did not Melt.

  6. I'm surprised you didn't like it Greg, though I haven't tried this one you've reviewed. I'm always eating the roasted veggie and the Sicilian ones!

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