California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Chicken Pizza Video Review (Ep557)

I can’t quit you guys. Just when I thought I could leave you awesome fans of Freezerburns I realized I missed you too much. I have a …

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  1. The crust is clearly different but I believe that is because they don't let the dough ferment as much with frozen pizzas as they would in the store. That tasty flavor you are used to tasting in pizza dough isn't from the herbs, but the fermentation of the yeast.

  2. I had friends who told me CA pizza kitchen was the worse place they'd every been but when I actually went it was amazing. I honestly am not a fan of pizza but go to the restaurant and get margarita pizza!

  3. The first time I had it was at California Pizza Kitchen. I went there for prom of my junior year and all the other restaurants were packed, so we went there.

  4. @hyperdragoncon How rude! Ive tried California Pizza before, and my was it good! So you should hush your mouth. Either way even if he was paid, atleast he actually gave you a review.

  5. Papa John's was the first bbq chicken pizza i ever had. I really love the version with pineapple, it's an extra layer of flavor since I can't have cheese on my pizzas (milk allergy). Hope to see you review some new stuff soon!

  6. A few years ago I visited a friend who lives a ways away from me and he was raving about the BBQ Chicken pizza that his local pizza joint sells and gave me a taste of it… I didn't think it would work but it does! I came home that weekend and found out that my local pizza places also carried their version of it also. I tried both… One was not very good, but the other was not bad(but no red onions). I will look forward to trying the CPK version. Thanks for the post and good to have you back

  7. Welcome back, Gregory. I've always had odds with chicken on pizza for some reason. I love chicken and it does taste good on pizza, but usually makes me a little queasy.

  8. Hey Greg, I think something we would like to hear about in your videos is nutrition information. Something you seem to keep out. It would be helpful and make it more interesting to know how certain brands compare.

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