Breast Implants In Wendy’s Natural-Cut French Fries? Weird Food Additives, Nutrition

Exclusive Content!! Breast Implants In Wendy’s Natural-Cut French Fries, Weird Food Additives, Nutrition This video …

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  1. first, the soda. now, this additives in junk food… good thing that I've given up on them years ago, right?
    and if you haven't, you should make a video about smoking and its negative effects

  2. You are very smart and informative. You do your videos with some funnyness too. Hey, look at my pic I am really fugly, so you are cool.

  3. Definitely going to show this video to my students at the university where I teach in a medical class called "Advanced Procedures" where I teach nutrition.  Students who have taken the class in the past have told me they feel empowered by the knowledge they get from your videos, despite the fact they walk away with minds blown away.

  4. please tell me that you don't have implants? I thought you were natural lol! If so you could of got them before you were educated in all this. BTW did you take a lot of chemistry courses in college? I took a nutrition course as an elective for my BS degree in Psychology but I am so interested in nutrition/dietary stuff and chemistry but it is not easy that's for sure.

  5. Corrina you talk about things that are bad, that is fine. You heard about coffeeberry
    Dr. Oz has talked about it. Go to    and sign up, its good for you. Give them my name. Its Patented, and 7 years of Technology. And sign others up. In today's world things are messed up. It will keep you healthy.     (check it out)

  6. I have lost myself in playing 0:58 over and over. After it a while it starts sounding like a song. Fachicken McNugz.

  7. shame they put all that crap in food and we buy it , that's prolly why I hate mcdonalds nuggets they have always been nasty to me, I had wendys fries a few months ago and I threw them away, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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