Alright…so I’ve been doing this bodybuilding / athletic /weightlifting / gym bro thing for a long time Now..and over the years I’ve learned a few secrets aka tricks of …

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  1. All you have to do is make this dude run 5 feet and he'll keep over and explode. Honestly, bodybuilders are some of the most unhealthiest and useless people. – MARSOC

  2. In my town, there’s a subway that’s open till 10 and one till 11. I drive a town away and there’s one open 24 hours. Always check and see the different restaurants in your area. You’re welcome.

  3. Denny's is always open and they have new healthier choices. Also they are delicious and the service and pricing is excellent.

    I am assuming your in LA somewhere so finding a Denny's would not be an issue.

    Try that.

  4. The first four and a half minutes of this video could have been completely skipped by you just saying “I’m going to show you how to eat healthy at jack in the box”

  5. This guy talks to much and doesn't get to the point,, and I can tell this guy Never worked fast food 😀

  6. There's Absolutely Nothing Wrong with a Jacks Spicy Chicken, with White Cheese on it.

  7. i been to mcdonalds and jack in the box to buy only a salad plenty of times lol

  8. my favorite line "I want some Churros" and man u guys are torturing the fryer with those tacos xD

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