Okay so many of you might already know I’m a chipotle veteran. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your trip to chipotle for the optimal gainzzzz INTERACT …

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  1. Stingy MFers in my area never hook it up. I say can I get a little more? Then they say that's extra so I end up just getting a lot more and order double meat lol

  2. Lol this is funny. “Beer. No I’m not getting beer…” oh man, napkin, Incase you run out of toilet paper” jk not really”. Who isn’t guilty of these things haha

  3. Fuck this stupid ass piece of shit. I’m gonna find him and shove his cock in his pathetic retarded mouth. The carve his muscles out and glue them to his moms windows.

  4. If you ask for double rice which is free 80% of the time they will give you double meat because the rice portion is larger this is my favorite trick.

  5. The real secret is a bowl with tortillas on this side. Worked for Chipotle for 7 years and just by doing that you end up taking a 1000 calorie meal and turning it into 2000. A full bowl will yield 2 decent sized burritos. I literally have ALLLL the chipotle hax

  6. Working at chipotle was my first job ever.. super humbling experience but definitely built character having to deal with fucks like this guy.. seriously man you're the absolute worst kind of customer

  7. None of you fuckin yanks can say please or thank you!! Another reason why Britain is by far a better country!! 🇬🇧🇬🇧

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