Bob Evans On the Go Breakfast Bake Video Review: Freezerburns (Ep602)

Bob Evans means breakfast to me. It also gives me the feeling of down home goodness American breakfast. This Bob Evans …

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  1. Yes he did. There were 2 certain ones I requested for a really good reason. He won't do them. Like I said I took a lot of verbal shit on here for asking. No more mention of Banquet meals. I unsubscribed.

  2. Tried the vegetarian breakfast bake & was a bit dissatisfied, but give it a shot. If they were made in the oven they would probably be better.

  3. There was a reason I wanted him to review 2 certain Banquet meals. Maine has the highest welfare count in the U.S. A lot of people unfortunately have to buy Banquet meals. But they always claim that the common ones stink. But there are a couple out there that aren't half bad. If he would review them then these people would buy them and not be taking a risk. But he won't do them. And I have taken enough verbal shit since I posted so there will be no more mention of Banquet meals. I unsubscribed

  4. Goats because they are awesome in petting zoos, they have cool eyes, they are nice to kids, they are fun to feed, and most of all, because one bucked my wife in the butt at a petting zoo once because she wouldn't feed it anymore (because it was being a bully). Also, they make good pets and you can also milk them and butcher them for meat.

  5. This channel deserves to be number 1 on youtube. Been watchin for years. You do excellent reviews and I have used your.suggestions many times to avoid those phony blowny products. I want to thank you for all you do

  6. Btw FFM when are you going to let your hair grow out again? I want to see the handsome FFM again like when you did the Smart Ones Chicken Enchilda Suiza. Boy Howdy!

  7. almost 5 years of freezerburns i love your videos, i watch all your stuff, you might even know my name, i have your sticker on the back of my laptop, your awesome greg ng from ral…i should stop there….

  8. almost 5 years of freezerburns, awesome, i was az follower for awhile, i have your sticker slapped on the back of my laptop, freezerburns is awesome ( gimme free shit_…

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