Black Beans vs. Weight Loss? | Fat Burning Foods- Thomas DeLauer

Black Beans vs. Weight Loss? | Fat Burning Foods- Thomas DeLauer Limited Time- 1:1 Nutrition Consultations- more at …

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  1. I am doing a 20 hour fast every day, you are my hero, I love black beans I’m going to go make me some now, love the suggestion on eating my other foods first and then eating the black beans later, I think I’ll do this one hour before I restart the fast, sounds perfect for my diet.

  2. I just ate a black bean/sour cream/shredded cheese and a tiny bit of shredded chicken with a bit of red devil cayenne pepper hot sauce and i could only eat 2/3 of the small black beans can i rinsed and drained and I’m soooooo damn full i love it…i didn’t want to make myself sick full so i stopped but it tasted so good and knowing it was healthy really added to it too.

  3. Still trying to figure out if beans are ok on Keto I love beans but don’t wanna ruin my keto diet, someone please tell us whether it’s good or not Thomas seems busy won’t answer any of us, why post a video if you don’t respond to any of your followers

  4. I buy those bags of Black Bean Rotini from Trader Joe's and they work fine and are easy to cook. They are 60% fiber and sodium free.

  5. I eat once a day, and typically eat a 1/2 cup of mixed almonds, Brazil and Walnuts with dark chocolate an hour before me meal. My meal is 1 cup of black beans, 1/2 cup of white rice, and 3 cups if mixed chopped raw Veggies with olive oil and vinegar. ls my timing "off" regarding my rice & beans consumption? Thank you!

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