BEST PROTEIN 2018 | Spartan Whey Review

Best Protein Powder In 2018 | Sparta Nutrition Spartan Whey

This might just be the BEST Whey Protein in 2018… FOR REAL! Sparta Nutrition has officially introduced “Spartan Whey” and it completely has us falling in love. Sparta Nutrition has done some great products over the years, but for the most part we looked at them as a hardcore stim company. Then of course the Sparta Keto series… but it looks like they’re taking a run for TOP PROTEIN!

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So what makes Spartan Whey so amazing? Well for starters this is a protein blend meaning it’s not just Whey. Spartan Whey also brings a dash of Casein, which we personally LOVE! Adding Casein to a blend just gives so much more back to the supplement in terms of flavor and texture. Not to mention the more filling nature of it leaves you satisfied. In addition, It looks like Sparta is taking a lesson from NutraBio and giving us FULL DISCLOSURE! We don’t mean just an amino profile, we are talking down to the sweeteners on this one.


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  1. What is a cleaner protein Spartan whey or Ghost? Both seem very clean. Looking for something that tastes great but also clean! Also which tastes better ?

  2. I would like to try out Spartan Whey eventually since I do like their preworkout Kraken, but damn this is pricey when it seems their best flavors are mostly only available at 5 pound options at around $60~$65.

  3. Hey guys I know this is older but I need to order two different flavors and I’m trying to make a decision. I wanna try chocolate ice cream and crunchy krisp. But I wanna see what your guys higher rated flavors are. I know you guys liked the vanilla.

  4. Lecithen when unlabeled is soy lecithen. They dont label that because they dont want anyone reading soy when picking a protein. Another brand using soy lecithen in a protein to make it mix better instead of sunflower lecithen….Because its cheaper. Frigin crazy. " I want protein to be muscular and anabolic…By the way can you throw a little soy in there."

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