Benefits of Blueberries for Artery Function

What is the optimum dose of wild blueberries to eat at a meal? Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition newsletter and get the Evidence-Based Eating Guide: A …

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  1. Wild blueberries are not organic. You'd have to make sure they come from the tippiest tip of Maine. So please address that Dr. MacGregor. (My pet name for him. Mr. MacGregor's garden. Get it?)

  2. Please give us more info on optimal doses, I mean servings. Also, I am 5'2". So telling a human being to eat say two cups of blueberries is the same for me as a 6'3" man? That doesn't seem fair. It is not chocolate cake. I get sick of eating blueberries. I hate beets. And I get sick of salads. What is the least I could eat? I need this information!!!!!!!!!

  3. Because of these videos, and because of my fasting, I've made it a point to binge on blueberries if I first binge on crappy unhealthy food. Its crazy but before the day is over I just eat several cups of blueberries but I feel like I can actually feel the health benefit from it, especially compared to the previous food. Blueberries are awesome

  4. it would be nice to test Blueberry powder against Black Raspberry powder since many consider black raspberries to be more potent then blueberries.

  5. I have a blueberry and spinach smoothie with coconut water for breakfast quite often. Way better than coffee.

  6. my 2 favorite foods to eat are blueberries and raspberries….I can eat them all day long every single day for months without getting bored ever…

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