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HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance, guys! In today’s beerbiceps video, we’re talking about beer and its effects on fitness, weight loss & bodybuilding. A common misconception is that beer leads to the infamous BEER BELLY. But keep in mind its not as simple as “drink beer & get a beer belly”
So does beer make you fat? How does beer affect your fitness levels. And will beer lead to a pot belly? Watch to find out. Beer bellies & fitness 101 for men & women. Enjoy!


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  1. No matter how cool it is but don't smoke and drinks guys.Dear 🍺 bieceps if you are beer lover keep it up to you don't encourage youngsters to cultivate beer habits, by making videos.

  2. Yes I agreed just go and have fun.
    Those who do not drink get a life go drink a beer and have fun.
    You cannot have fun without drinking beer. Alcohol is also fine but only once in a WHILE till you become an addict.

  3. I love this channel cuz as a beer lover and being into hotel industry! I feel so good you have explained it perfectly! Drinking in moderation πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ! Keep up the good work!

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