Bananas: Most Dangerous Fruit In The World

Health experts from around world agree that we should never eat more than one or two bananas a day due to the high risks of potassium poisoning, cardiac …

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  1. Never seen a gravestone in a cemetery say died from potassium being high! I’d love to see a death certificate of a person actually say this person died of cardiac standstill from 🍌 bananas!
    if so we’d all stop eating bananas!
    I have horrible knee pain issues and the only that helps is eating a banana in the morning and one at night. and it works well for pain I tell people if you have any pain eat a banana first before taking a Tylenol or something. Bananas do wonders for pain in the body!

  2. You destroyed the doctors ❤️ 😍😍😍 👨🏻‍💼🤜 💥👨🏼‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️

  3. Man.. I live in Innisfail Australia, Today 18 th April 2021 we had "The Feast of The Senses" Brought to us by the Banana industry… it rained cats and dogs all over us… but then thats why the bananas grow so well here.. and you better believe we eat Bananas left right and centre…no illness.
    Typical Government Controlled Media/Agricultural Espionage..

  4. 😂 haha you nailed them with truth man.. but Does America Grow Bananas.. or Corn? 😬

  5. They say this about Coconut Water as well… yet studies have concluded tge potassium levels put out by the kidneys are a false reading..
    I've been drinking 1 – 2 lites a day for years.. I try not to drink "ordinary.. 😶" water.
    Funny they Don't mention Coke of… Kfc.. for toxicity.

  6. Bananas I do not eat, any more, because they are high in sugar. Most Fruits are full of fructose, THE worst sugar.

  7. Good for you!!!!! Finally someone who thinks for himself. Taking a medical doctor's advice on nutrition is about as dumb as taking medical advice from a dietician.

  8. doctors today know its more profitable by taking big pharm money and keeping you sick and only treating illnesses not curing illness.

  9. same assholes tried to tell us flouride is good for us.or honey is the same as sugar.

  10. I find that every dam food on the planet has a upside and a downside to it. So we must determine if the benefits out weigh the harmful effects ?

  11. Obviously you have never watched cartoons from prior to the most recent turn of the century. The plethora of possible negative health impacts from as little as a single improperly disposed of banana peel is so widespread as to be difficult to catalog. They can cause everything from serious spinal injury to cracked craniums. Consequences so horrific that they are typically only depicted in animated form. Any four year old could tell you that bananas are dangerous. Here in Hawaii we get "apple bananas". They taste good.

  12. Most people don't have enough potassium. So eat more 🍌..this is what we call fake news. Half truths

  13. Ha its funny how much shite is being spouted by so called professionals and doctors etc. I'm realising more and more that they either don't know what they are actually talking about or are outright lying for whatever reason.

  14. You look very frail to be giving nutritional advice. You need some fat soluble vitamins and protein which is the BUILDING BLOCK OF LIFE

  15. The biggest BS that comes out of doctor's and nutrionist's mouths is when they tell you that you will be vitamin and mineral deficient on a vegan or vegetarian diet or the opposite that too much of this or that fruit will be toxic. I am 81 years of age, meat, in any form whatsoever, has never passed my lips, when I was young I did consume dairy but it is now over 50 years without dairy, eggs or anything derived from animals. 80% of my diet is fruit and veg, 20% nuts, legumes, beans and grains. I stand tall and upright, no aches and pains, no arthitis, BMI 22, no medications, no conditions, no doctors and no hospitals, every blood test passes with flying colors. No deficiencies, no toxicity.
    My theory on life is very simple. there are 92 natural elements. Everything in nature, including me, is made up of these elements in various compositions and degrees therefor logic and reason dictate that my body requires these elements and not man made chemicals. Regarding meat, a deer from the forest and a salmon from the river are entirely different from intensive farmed beef and fish. It is impossible to be unhealthy eating a vegan diet, there is no such thing as toxicity from plant food. However BS can be very unhealthy and very toxic.

  16. Macrobiotic book years ago said the two worst foods you can eat are bananas and ice cream. Love banana splits. Must be the sugar. You are starting to look like a banana.

  17. If you just eat a banana is not dangerous. Anything that's too much is not good.

  18. I don't know about the Cavendish but I still think vegans are arrogant and crazy.

  19. "Experts Say", code words for park your brain at the door and do what you are told without question. The scientific method lends no weight to "expert opinion". Actually, to call your average doctor an "expert" in nutrition is absurd anyway. Medical schools offer between 1 and 0 required courses in nutrition. Ryan did what we should all be doing – asking for facts, or going out and getting them for ourselves.

  20. I call bull crap.. i’ve lost a lot of weight from eating one banana a day in my smoothie and had no problems with getting fat I feel it actually helped me build muscle

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