Are Dates Good For You?

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  1. So interesting. I love dates and use 100℅ date syrup too. Didn't know the sugar content is so high. Thankfully it's a healthy choice.

  2. wow, this is amazing if true, as dates are one of my all-time favorite foods. i have to wonder, though, how it can be healthy to eat, since its net carbs to fiber ratio is way too high

  3. What about ajwa dates? They are more black, smaller in size and touted to be of more medicinal value in Islamic culture. The powder of the crushed ajwa seeds is said to cure heart disease and clear up arteries. Don't know how true that is though

  4. Wait, ✋ why are they better?!? Don't leave me hanging. All the stores have medjool almost exclusively. Would you do a video on prunes and bone health?

  5. Dr. Greger, I need your help. Dates in the UK make my daughter and I ill. They make me wheeze with Asthma, and give Melody chest pains. I put this down to the preservative chemical Sulfur Dioxide. We need a Dr. Michael Greger SHOP! One that sells Frozen Dates with no chemicals: Even organic dates make me ill. It is a real shame, because I purchased your How not to Die cookbook. And it has some great recipes using dates. Melody and I loved your cinnamon cookies. But the chemical dates have let us down!

  6. ok so its healthy for our body but must be really bad for our teeth with this high sugar content
    long term ? : poor teeth > bad digestion > poor health ?

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