Applebees 30 Plates All You Can Eat

My trip to a local Applebee’s for all you can eat ribs, chicken tenders and shrimp I was in for a surprise. Nick Wehry’s Channel: …

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  1. Too sad Applebee’s gonna send out 6 shrimp ? See now that pisses me off ! You go out to enjoy a meal n get treated like a child in elementary school oh principal was called only 10 plates ! BS

  2. I was also cut off from Applebees from their unlimited fries and they called the cops since I refused to pay since it said unlimited on the receipt. Great service…..

  3. I have the same problem every time I order the all you can eat so I just stopped doing it….red lobster hooters Arby’s don’t matter

  4. I have never had a good experience at applebees. 3 out of 3. When I meet applebees employees in my travels I make sure and treat them the way I was treated. I even unlocked a car for an applebees cook and then locked it back up and walked off.

  5. How many people must have touched that ketchup bottle? Then we grab it and touch our food lol.

  6. I was a waitress. The reason why she switched waiters was because she knew your bill was going to be 14.99 and people typically only tip based off that. So she wasnt flipping the table fast enough to make tips. That's probably why she narked you out lol

  7. Perhaps that servers shift was over and unless she wanted to stay until closing time to get your lousy tip she had to forfeit it to another server… not to be rude but servers work very hard… and it is ignorant not to leave a decent tip. I’m very glad you left a good tip for Shane. Also I’m sure the first server does big mage the rules or fix the meals.. she just fringe it to you… she really your issues should be with the management…

  8. Red lobster. All you can eat Monday shrimp or seasonal. They overlap orders and will double up sometimes.

  9. "Come on in for unlimited plates at Applebees! (Unless you can eat a lot. Then stop. Don't come.)"

  10. So did you stop at 10 plates or did they let you finish as it was advertised…

  11. That girl (the first waitress) did you dirty. You are better than me.. the second waiter did you right. … "that's what she said" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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