Adventures in Cracker Barrel

I’ve loved this place since a little kid and I wanted to force Julia outside of her comfort level with comfort food, a category in which she hasn’t fully accepted yet. Watch as we literally have an event filled adventure in a Cracker Barrel, while making everyone around us feel incredibly uncomfortable.

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  1. Their friday fried cod is great,but the interior looks like a serial killer's cabin for torturing and dismembering boy scouts.Shades of Texas Chainsaw Massacre?Vegetables cooked into unrecognizable oblivion,screeching crotchfruit children and twangy country music that sounds like drunk chihuahuas.I left the place in a carbohydrate coma, half deaf,and had a xanax for dessert.

  2. Honestly, you guys acting so stupid about the "chicken fried chicken" almost made me stop watching, so annoying. The hashbrown casserole is maybe the side dish they are most famous for and very popular and well liked however I'm not too surprised from a girl who puts broccoli on top of her fried chicken and drenches every single bite in hot sauce.

  3. Now you need to go back for breakfast, so you can try the grits, the biscuits and gravy, eggs runny-side-up with lashings of tabasco. And then go order the same things at Waffle House and wonder why this little boxcar diner does them all so much better than the big chain restaurant with the gift shop. But for a real thrill, go to Cracker Barrel for late breakfast (heck, call it brunch) on Mother's Day; three hour wait just to get seated.

    As for the peg puzzle, it's a good way to kill time when you're waiting for an appointment. That's why I have it as an app on my phone.

  4. I think it’s chicken fried chicken because of chicken fried steak but people want the chicken in stead of beef so they call it chicken fried chicken. I’m probably wrong but that’s what Ive always thought.

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