Accurate Macros at Chipotle

Our way of eating chipotle during contest prep. Inb4 eating disorder comments. Follow us! Twitter: Harry’s Instagram: …

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  1. So what did the difference in macros end up being from what the site expected it to be abs what you measured it out to be?

  2. You made it way more complicated than it needed to be.  The serving sizes they list on their website are the typical size scoops they give you.  If you get a bigger than normal scoop just add a little on myfitnesspal or do less than a serving if the scoop is smaller.  I have eaten at chipotle through 15 weeks of dieting and got as lean as I wanted.  Your way of being so obsessive about accurate macros is not good for your psychological health.  I don't know how you guys expect to survive if something comes up and your "daily routine" gets thrown out of sort.

  3. I love Chipotle and have always wondered if there was a better way to keep track.  Thanks for the enlightenment!!

  4. I brought a scale to the table for thanksgiving a couple of years ago. I've calmed down a bit since then. Good to see my brand of crazy exists elsewhere in the world.

  5. Lol dat dedication… you should compare the macros you guys got weighing everything out to what chipotle claims the macros are so we can get a general margin of error 🙂

    edit: nevermind… read through the other comments lol

  6. You weigh in ounces…. inaccurate!!! You should weigh in grams to be accurate 😉 I weigh everything in grams since everything has grams in the nutrition info.

  7. Would have been dope if you guys compared the serving sizes to what was listed on the website. 
    Chipotle is too good. Double chicken and steak in a bowl last night hnnnng

  8. Great channel. What are your bulking/cutting macros? And do you change them on training days/rest days?

  9. Bringing a scale to chipotle… the start of the biggest trend in bodybuilding…

  10. This entire video is basically a giant fuck you to matt ogus… this is fucking genius.

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