9 Foods to NEVER EAT at Taco Bell, Most Fat, Fast Food, Weight Loss Tips, Health, What NOT to Eat

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9 Foods to NEVER EAT at Taco Bell, Worst Foods, Most Fat, Junk Food, Weight Loss Tips, Health

Certified Health Coach, Corrina Rachel counts down the top 10 Worst Foods at Taco Bell with the most FAT!!

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  1. lmfao as soon as you started with "or as my mom used to call it" i yelled out TACO SMELL lol. i dont eat fast food and all those other processed garbage cancer causers. yuck.

  2. I usually share a smothered burrito and nacho Bell grande with the hubby. Can you do a video on sulfate in everything e.g. shampoo and cleaning products and their effect?

  3. at taco bell i order this I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

  4. i have worked at taco bell three times during my life, all for over a year, and i have only ate two ckickin burritttos, only chicken, rice, and pico ,(fiesta, or fresco depend on area),whichich is only veg and one packet sauce,then they switched to shredded chicken, i stopped, its been 5 years since ive had pizza, or fast food, except salad, i like healthy food, like a veggie and ckicken stirfy or a plain baked potato for lunch, please fb me or email me your links, i love the healthy advice

  5. I once dated a guy who ordered and ate the entire 12 piece cinnabon delights. There are multiple reasons why I do not eat food from Taco Bell, but the experience of him stuffing his face gave me a bit of TB PTSD.

  6. Nacho bell grande, (no meat, no sour cream) Mexican pizza and chicken taco salad in bowl (no sour cream), are the items I usually chose. Chips with melted cheese and cinnamon twists every once in awhile. Yep, I knew what I was eating but still did it anyway. You don't have to be over weight to be unhealthy. I'm sure most people know that an appropriate weight for your height doesn't mean you are healthy. Once I hit mid-40's, that's when my unhealthy eating caught up with me. I like the way you are using hotdogs as a reference to how much salt and fat we are consuming when we eat these foods. You got me laughing and you are so right! We might as well be eating 5-9 hotdogs. 😱

  7. seriously I sometimes eat 3 quesaritos per meal and sometimes i do this twice a day and on top of that I drink 2 Rockstar energy drinks religiously, daily. Keep in mind this is only one of my meals. Sometimes on top of 3 quesaritos I will order a chalupa or a boss wrap on top of that. I'm poked at all the time about being a "tall drink of water" or just too skinny. I am 6'3" tall and about 200lbs and haven't moved in weight for many many years, my waist is 37" and my inseam is 33" and chest is 42". Should I be considering the possibility of parasites at this point?

  8. burrito supreme and Taco Supreme! Also also i love the tostada at TB i go at least 2x a month also good choice on using hotdogs (lol didn't care about the fat content)!

  9. Before I hit play…Crunchwrap supreme been a couple years since I had  taco smell lol hope it doesn't make the list. but I used to like it when I was a teenager.

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