6 Ways Weight Watchers Can Stay Motivated Beyond Meetings (Workshops)

As a longtime lifetime Weight Watcher who has attended hundreds of meetings through the decades, I believe that the success of Weight Watchers is in its structure as a support system.

The Weight Watchers program has changed dozens of times over the past 50+ years. WW Freestyle, the current program, is virtually unrecognizable when compared to the original 1960s plan, or Quick Success from the late 1980s / early 1990s, in terms of what you eat.

What has remained constant is the support provided in weekly meetings and more recently, online, through one-on-one coaching and the WW Connect App. It is this support and sense of community that is invaluable when trying to lose weight and then keep it off.

I’m fond of saying that, “My weekly Weight Watchers meeting provides 30 minutes of sanity in an insane food world.” It keeps me balanced, grounded and motivated.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to get to your weekly Weight Watchers meeting. Life gets in the way. Most summers I’m in rural northern Wisconsin. While virtual meetings are a great alternative for many, I don’t have the necessary internet connectivity. 

How does a Weight Watcher stay motivated beyond meetings?

Here are some of my strategies for staying motivated when meetings aren’t an option…


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6 Ways Weight Watchers Can Stay Motivated Beyond Meetings

1. Create Your Own Support Network
We can gain so much from spending time with like minded people. Find an accountability partner. Form a small personal support group. In person. On-line (Facebook, Reddit). By phone or email. There are so many options for creating meaningful connections. 

2. Reading Weight Loss Success Stories.
I’m a sucker for weight loss success stories. I love reading about the various paths to success pursued by others. If you find them helpful, be sure to check out this great collection of weight loss success stories we share here on Simple Nourished Living.

3. Reading Motivational and Inspirational Quotes.
I’m a big believer in the power of positive thinking and love collecting inspirational and motivational quotes and sayings. Happy, positive thoughts; Happy, positive life!

4. Reading Nutrition, Fitness, Weight Loss Books.
Knowledge is power. Some of the best books I’ve read include Mindless Eating, The Portion Teller. French Kids Eat Everything. Here’s a post I wrote about the 7 Best Healthy Weight Loss Books I’ve ever read.

5. Trying New Healthy Foods & Recipes.
Boredom can be dangerous where weight management is concerned. I’m always experimenting in the kitchen with new tools, ingredients and recipes to share here on Simple Nourished Living and in my ever-growing collection of eCookbooks.

6. Challenge Yourself.
It’s important to always be growing and trying new things. To help yourself move beyond your comfort zone, find a way to make a game of it, as I explain in this post about Healthy Explorations and my most recent 6-Week Mindless Eating Challenge. Other challenges I’ve undertaken include:

      • 183 Days of Weight Watchers Friendly Slow Cooking – This was supposed to be a year-long project but I gave myself permission to stop at the half-way mark.
      • JuiceFest 2014 – A month-long experiment with juicing.
      • Intermittent Fasting and Skipping Breakfast – As someone who was raised to believe that beginning the day with breakfast was non-negotiable, this felt both reckless and defiant for a “good girl” like me.

Martha McKinnonMartha is the founder and main content writer for Simple-Nourished-Living.

A longtime lifetime WW at goal, she is committed to balancing her love of food and desire to stay slim while savoring life and helping others do the same.

She is the author of the Smart Start 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge.

A huge fan of the slow cooker and confessed cookbook addict, when she’s not experimenting in the kitchen, you’re likely to find Martha on her yoga mat.

More about Martha McKinnon

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Hi Martha – I purchased your 28-Day Smart Start Challenge and I love it!!” I don’t know how to thank you.” ~ Debra S.

This has been a wonderful challenge. Thank you for all of the support and encouragement. I have definitely made some positive changes that I plan to continue!” ~ Bronwyn

Your 28-day course was very helpful.” ~ Lynn K.

Wonderful!!! Thank you!!! Your challenge has helped me recommit to WW program and I am beginning to see weight loss.” ~ Ellen M.

Martha – I just love all of your advice. I am about a week into your 28-Day Smart Start Challenge and learning a lot about the importance of small changes. Thank you for making a difference in my life!” ~ Kerry M.

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