5 Reasons to Eat Mango

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  1. Yes, Mangoes are best for health
    "Frankly speaking no. My native place is Ratnagiri and they are not charged that high for sure as far as farmers prices are concerned.

    But the transportation and agents pricing increases the overall Alphonso price for original once. The duplicate once that are available in the market (usually comes from south) are very cheap but for real original alphonso you have to pay the price.

    I had bought some from Home organic – Mangoes Mumbai was good but price above the average."

  2. Have 4 different/varieties of mango trees in my back yard. Shame the season is at the same time. Didn't like them as a kid, but now I love them.

  3. Does mango really make u gain weight ? Because i eat mangoes almost everyday lol But knowing it makes u gain weight than i would stop 😂 cause Im actually trying to lose weight

  4. Can someone tell me how many calories a whole entire Kent mango has?! Bc I don't have any measuring tools or anything!!

  5. I am so happy to hear that the wonderful, tasty mango I had tonight is so good for health.  Cannot beat a combination  like that … Delish and adds to well being.  Winner!

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