310 Nutrition Shake and what happen after I stopped taking it

No side effects, no weight gain, no sleepiness, still having regular movements, still felt great and even lost after I stopped taking this shake.

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  1. Hello, i enjoyed the review. I started taking it because i was one of the ppl who viewed your video before buying it. I will say my first week i didn't lose any weight but the next two weeks i noticed i was losing one pound a week. I don't take it as recommend for losing weight like 2 shakes a day, a detox tea and the flavored water packets. Honestly i didn't care for the lemon waters and i didn't see where it suppressed my appetite. I felt i was always hungry even after drinking the shake and i personally didn't experience a boost of energy. What i have noticed with drinking one shake a day is that my skin is so clear and smooth and soft and that was something i wasn't really expecting to happen. So i do like these shakes because of the ingredients that's in them and to me it's like drinking a vitamin shake (doesn't taste like vitamins lol) meaning it's more like take vitamin supplements and i rather drink a shake then to take in capsule form. i really do love this product and would only purchase the shakes. i wanted you to know that i started adding moringa into my diet because of watching your video and i'm happy i did this too is something i won't stop taking and i also to collegan powder and matcha teas. Thanks again for your time and hard work you put in for your viewers. Much blessings to you

  2. I have a torn disc and cannot exercise….between that and the prednisone i was on for pain and inflammation I gained 30 lbs in a month and a half. I was skeptical about this product but am liking what I am hearing.I think it’s time to order😀

  3. Also wanted to give you a compliment. You look great and your skin is also flawless and gorgeous! ❤

  4. Wonderful! I get scared of coming off products and get scared of taking products because I'm afraid my energy levels will plummet. I have health problems and after neck surgery gained 30 pounds and was shocked I was up to 209. I didn't feel too bad at 180 although I'd love to be 160 and even 140. Mainly for my health. Lol. I ordered a month supply of vanilla and excited to start back. Reading reviews on amazon I saw two comments that mentioned nightly headaches and that worried me but I figured I really need to try it and I'm excited to get started. I did lose 10 pounds on my own so far but I like this because of the vitamins and minerals and hoping it increases my energy. I'm now at 199. Do you know how long it takes to arrive? ❤ I'll subscribe.

  5. I came across your video thank you so much for all the information you provided God bless and stay safe

  6. Thank You for this video, Today was my first day trying 310 shakes and it wasn't bad. And Your video made me feel alot better about My chose to start

  7. I have my second 310 shake and I want to know somethings that u did. Are u on Facebook. My email is if u can email me it would be awesome

  8. Instantly loved your energy! I don’t know if it’s because of the old school kitchen like my mama has lol or what?! But I love it I feel like you’re the Auntie I never had 😭😂

  9. Did you take any of the supplements? You look great.. I just got my starter kit and ready to start my weight loss journey

  10. Hi hun looking great!! I want to order this today but I'm on the fence though. I need to shed some pounds asap!! Are you still taking it and of not have you kept the weight off?? Seems like a good deal. Thanks!!

  11. You had me at "Everybody should have a cheat day" HA HA HA HA YeZZZZZZZ

  12. Can u tell me when we use starter kit how mch we put in a smoothie shake

  13. I absolutely LOVE that there are people with legitimate regional accents. So many places are slowly losing theirs. I love your accent! Thank you for the clear and honest review.

  14. I discovered your video on Teatox Tactic Formula – there's lots awesome videos there that will help out

  15. Thank you for your review. I’m going to try this based off of your review. I will keep you posted on my journey. 🙏🏾❤️

  16. Having to eat snacks in between meals is a falisy. Eat enough at mealtime and it will carry you through to the next meal and give your pancreas a break

  17. Hi! Loved the video. Maybe I missed it but, how long were you using the 310 and during that length of time how much weight did you loose?

  18. I want to know if this really work before I’m buying them? Because I need to lose some weight and want to know if they telling the truth cuz I don’t wanna waste money for that product that don’t know anything.
    Need to hear it from someone that use this before so I can get them later

  19. Good evening and God Bless thank you for this wonderful honest and informative video. These are questions i actually have. I am excited to start the shakes with my keto lifestyle. Have a great blessed night. Can't wait to watch other videos.

  20. Does it keep charging you after the starter kit? I've heard many people complain of that.

  21. Hello Mz Motivation!, I appreciate you putting yourself out there. I’m sure it’s not easy. Thanks again 🙏🏻😬#310Newbie

  22. I just started last week. So far I haven't seen anything and I'm doing a shake for breakfast, salad for lunch and then either frozen veggies or 1 sweet potato with either small amount of salmon or shrimp for dinner(just cooked with bell peppers and onions, black pepper, garlic powder)Snacking between on nuts and water. I'm experiencing more hunger than anything so as of yesterday (Sunday) I started adding flax seeds n banana but still not filling yet

  23. Thank you so much. I just ordered my starter kit. Unfortunately I did not see your video until after I ordered or I would have taken advantage of the special offer. Your video and how enthusiastic you are about this product made me glad I ordered it. I hope I do as well as you are. You look fantastic

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