3 Healthy Meal Choices at Chipotle Mexican Grill – Mind Over Munch

Here are 3 healthy meal choices for eating out at Chipotle! If you want healthy fast food choices, check out my burrito bowl, salad and taco meals that I built using …

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  1. I fully believe you can watch this video and once you step foot into Chipotle you’re still loading it up because it basically costs the same and a full sized meal is better for your money’s worth that will keep you full for a longer period of time. If you need to worry about sodium and carbs don’t eat fast food to begin with stock pile on stuff from the grocery store to portion meals yourself

  2. food is healthful or unhealthful, not healthy or unhealthy. Only animals and other living things are healthy and unhealthy.

  3. sorry but whack! if i wanted that meal itd be better to make at home. You go to restaurants to eat good! at the expense of high calories! lol and lots of generalized info here

  4. chipotle is my favorite restaurant but I heard negative things about getting sick and stomach problems
    I am googling it that’s how I found this video.
    Is that still true?

  5. I get the kid’s meal tacos. It includes a small portion of chips. I also get a small side order of queso. I eat half of the chips and queso and save the rest. It is high in sodium but cutting down on the portion helps me.

  6. I work full time at chipotle and it is typically the only meal I eat a day and I eat it 5-6 times a week

  7. I cannot bend on the salad vinaigrette; it is sooo good. 🤤 Glad to know about the burrito tortilla, though. 😱 That is not worth 300 calories!

  8. Ha! I knew it. I learned years ago that the tortilla is hands down the worst thing to get at Chipotle if you are trying to control calorie intake. Of course I can't eat a whole one anyway. Occasionally I will treat myself to the burrito and it is two meals which helps.

  9. No wonder that dressing tastes so good. I don't really worry about calculating macros anymore. My stomach is so small these days I find it better to get higher fat items and skip the starch. Since I also use salsas as dressing I just use a little of it anyway because it gives a great tang. And yeah, one bowl is ALWAYS two meals for me and I usually wind up throwing out part of it.

  10. You should not eat a low fat or low salt diet. You are promoting some lies from the medical establishment. And no I'm not attacking you. I'm just correcting some wrong info you're providing. You only need to avoid bad fats, but should eat healthy fats. And your body needs salt and you shouldn't avoid salt.

  11. calling 15 grams of protein for 500+ calories ”pretty high” made me fkn cry😂😂🤣🤣

    Stupid tips lmao

  12. I usually love the chips, this case I prefer the baby bag of chips to cut off those extra calories I guess to help lol

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