10 Nutrition Related Jobs That Doesn't Require You to be a Dietitian

1. Food Scientist 2. Food label specialist 3. Food Safety Inspector 4. College Instuctor 5. Food Service Manager 6. Chef 7. Public Health Nutritionist 8. Corporate …

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  1. Im working as a Wic Nutritionist right now and I hate it. You are underpaid and the higher ups mistreat you and throw unnecessary work on you. Its really not worth it and I have a Masters Degree smh

  2. Thanks for the informitive video!! I get pretty tired of hearing only opinons on feilds of study, so it's refreshing to hear just some facts.

  3. I love food health and nutrition but I wouldn't be able to help others or give nutritional advice if I'm not a dietitian or become a cde in my state of Louisiana. Thanks for this video!!

  4. Great Information thank you for this video. I have a friend that didn't go the dietitian route but works in the food service equipment industry and gets paid REALLY good.

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