10 Health Benefits of Onion

10 Health Benefits of Onion The onion may not be everyone’s favorite vegetable, but it sure is beneficial. The next time you peel onions and start crying, just think …

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  1. Who's gonna eat more onion now? 😀

  2. I sometimes eat onion by itself because I see no one else do it lol. Welp,at least it is worth it.

  3. I always eat onion garlic Ginger tomatoes with vinegar or souce, everyday, and my desert is yogurts like yakult, and i will drink more water everyday, i don't drink cold water, and i void drink soft drinks coffe alcoholic 😁

  4. My parents told me when I was around 4 years old I would eat an onion daily like it was an Apple and I still do that to this day its weird but I love it

  5. Vitamin C does NOT do anything for colds, that's a myth , look up the REAL science about it. All it does is prevent scurvy which unless you're out at sea with no plants or spices at all should not be a problem.

  6. U missed a one important thing.
    It's really good for men's and sexual power

  7. I juice it and add honey for my asthma. Since then I have weaned off my Ventolin pump.

  8. thank you very much because I love to eat a frisky onion in my taste so I do not believe some of my friends say that when you eat the onion, our body gets stinky and get bad smell..

  9. I've been making healthy sandwiches and put a huge chunk of onion on it. I dont know why. They're so yummy!!!

  10. Number 1 is beyond mental! Surely you can't seriously expect us to believe that rubbing an onion on yourself would in ANY way help someone that had just suffered a beasting… I imagine that the physical pain would actually be far worse if you were to put onion juice on an open wound, and the mental trauma would be hard enough to cope with, without having to smell like onions on top of it! 😠

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