1-Habit Nutrition Real Life Story: Aqilah Norazman

All her life, Aqilah was bigger than her peers. She was happy. Led a YOLO life. Loved food because, you know, life is short.

Until she realised her weight is impacting her health and all of a sudden, things weren’t fun anymore.

“It was supposed to be fun. I was young. I had a whole life ahead of me, but there I was feeling conscious of how I looked half the time, and tired mostly the other half,” said Aqilah.

It took her several failed diets before she went on a restrictive 1200-calorie diet, and exercising 6 days a week before she finally lost 20 kilos in a short span of 8 months. At that point, she really thought that was the end of her weight loss journey. Little did she know that that was just the beginning.

“After the weight loss, I struggled to keep the weight. I was hungry all the time and trying to keep up with the 1200 calories per day was so tough, it was a mental battle every day and night.”

“Every time I ate anything more than 1200 calories, I will beat myself up by exercising twice longer. I was so afraid I will gain back all the weight I have lost and my efforts will go to waste.”

It took her 8 months to lose 20 kilos, and then 4 years after that to come into terms with her body and nutrition by educating herself on how the body works, about food and obtaining a healthy relationship with food.

“My biggest hope really is to help as many people out there, starting with Singaporeans and Asians to shift their mindset from the ‘dieting mindset’, from the “Hey I need to do this for 12 weeks”… Instead of thinking that way, really to think about their entire life because health is the only thing that goes with you throughout your life.”

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  1. Hi Aqilah! Your videos are well curated and so helpful! Keep doing what you are doing and thank you for the recipes! ☺️

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