💪Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Multivitamin Review💪

Optimum Nutrition has been around for a while and so is this Multivitamin supplement Opti-Men that has over 75 ingredients and is very potent. Great for men and I highly recommend getting one of these.
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  1. I've been taking this supplement for quite a while now and personally have noticed a benefit from taking two in the morning with breakfast and one more in the evening with dinner. The two in the morning time is great as it provides an additional boost of energy, mental clarity, and overall Improvement of mood. Reducing the dose to one pill at night aides in my end of day recovery from the gym after a hard day at work.

  2. can someone help me understand why it only has 20% of your magnesium. do you get a lot of magnesium from foods or should/could you take a magnesium supplement as well as this one?

  3. My multivitamin I kept for long time didn't use it … still expiry date is there till Jan 2019 … But now it smells like dry fish and its bit sticky and dark in colour … I kept in fridge tablets became bit hard … Is it good to start consuming it now ???

  4. There's certain places you can find a bottle of these that 240 or 150, I'd if you don't want to worry about having to remember to buy these every time that you subscribe to them on Amazon. Me personally I get the 90 pill one every month and with free 1 day shipping the most time I've ever had to wait was a day without taking them.

  5. Damn they are like preworkout instant energy and focus…i think recomendend dose is 1 pill and 2 pills when u have a bad day..if u r not heavily active profesional athlete everythin more than that wll cause oposite go easy with these..ur body can take and absorb only part of that rest it goes throu ur liver and kidneys as a pill guys max 2 on bad days..

  6. This supplement is great if you train and are serious with sports…. and yess you can consume it with omega-3 fish oil. I have been using this both supplements from a long time

  7. I live in Lithuania and we have very strict regulations and it was prohibited to be imported because it has magnesium aspartate, molybdenum A.A., chelat, iron chelate that could be dangerous to the human health. As we know USA has no regulations on supplements, you could sell lead in a bottle and no one really test it to see what's in the bottle really.

  8. I took only 1 pill. and my pee turned dark green and got headache. used for 3 days and kept feeling like that until i stopped. it has 2000% + of RDA not balanced multi

  9. Amway Nutrilite multivitamin(Daily) is very good and cheaper than Opti-men multivitamin or other brands. Amway Nutrilite daily is purely organic made by fruits and vegetables. If somebody want Amway Nutrilite daily please contact on +91-8892890490

  10. optimen nutrition in my opinion and experience is one of the best brand out there, my favorite is its micronixed creatine. This vitamins give fast results and the + is 3 pills compare to others wich require 6.

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