☕ My 5 Calorie Starbucks Order – Healthy Starbucks Drinks

Check Out My Patreon: ☕We made it to Friday, everyone!! Today, I’m sharing my 5 Calorie Starbucks order! Share with me …

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  1. I’m a barista and my alllll time favorite drink is a chestnut praline latte made with soy milk and extra whip :))) so yummy, but seasonal! During the holidays that’s my weekly treat. My every day drink is a cold brew with sugar free vanilla and heavy cream. Or I’ll just take 3 espresso shots like an actual shot to be able to start my shift 😂

  2. i have a QUAD expresso and then i add 3 green packets… and a splash of skim … ! $3 i really am trying to cut out milk tho…

  3. You should try a venti iced coffee unsweetened with two pumps of sugar free vanilla two pumps of sugar free mocha a splash of almond milk and two stevia! It's low in calories and super delicious!

  4. My favorite drink at Starbucks is a venti white chocolate mocha. It's a ton of calories but if I have it, I usually skip lunch (or whatever meal is next lol) because coffee curbs my appetite. I wanted to retry the Carmel brulee (sp?) latte. I tried it last week but the girl who made it was in training and it wasn't very hot when I finally got it and I didn't have time to reheat it. It was still pretty good though.

  5. I'm too frugal to go to Starbucks (I'm Budget Girl trained). I do make coffee (hot) every day from home and I MUST have it with cream. The cream is my splurge for the day.

  6. I’m not a fan of black coffee but love coffee with milk and preferably a creamer (love gingerbread latte) will I like this or will it taste too bitter for me? Also great video!!

  7. My fav is simply a tall black coffee (preferably Sumatra or anything other than Pike Place!!) with unlimited free refills in my 12 oz Hydro Flask with my loyalty card; so, I can save 10 cents, bringing my own cup & accrue loyalty reward points. AND I ONLY treat myself to Starbucks, IF I'm able to spend some time in their coffee shop, reading or writing cards or visiting…you I can get my moneys worth by, at least, getting one refill. AND I usually only choose to do this when there's the extra incentive of the Starbucks rewards program, offering a double points or extra points day. Oh, once in a while, I might splurge and put in a splash of free half-n-half. LOL! I know, I'm hard-core with all my budgetary 'requirements' for when I allow myself to pay for a coffee shop coffee versus making it at home. However, when Starbucks 1st became popular in Southern CA in the mid 1990s, I was a daily, if not, twice daily visitor for a latte, and when those Frappuccinos & maple nut scones first were introduced, I lived across the street from a Starbucks (which was a pretty sure bet if one lived in Southern CA, since a Starbucks was popping-up on nearly every corner then), and oh, BOTH of those, the Frappuccino & maple nut scone, QUICKLY became a daily indulgence, with the side-effect of a thinner wallet & fatter waistline. LOL! Eventually, I realized, "If ONLY I would've bought Starbucks stock with the $ I was spending monthly on scones and Frappuccinos..!" So, yup, now, I set 'parameters' for my coffee indulgences. Starbucks still lures me in once in awhile, with their rewards points, accessibility, & early-morning & late night hours; BUT, I do prefer to support independently owned local coffee shops. We have one in my town whose profits go back to our town, which I love to support; but, I don't get there often; since, I can easily make my black coffee at home…

  8. I think their Coconut Milk is perfection. I generally just get a coconut milk latte, but getting a green tea latte with coconut milk is delicious.

  9. I need to try different low calorie coffee. I just started to like coffee. I love earl grey tea lattes with a splash of coconut milk, chestnut praline black tea latte with half the amount of flavoring and half the anount of coconut milk. I also really like a tall one shot iced blended with one pump SF cinnamon dolce and almond milk.

  10. I dont go to Starbucks often, but I go to Caribou which is a MN coffee shop that's similar. I always get a medium cold press with a shot of white chocolate and a shot of mint. Otherwise I usually get a plain cold brew , caramel macchiato iced with extra caramel drizzle or white chocolate and hazelnut latte

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